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'rosewellArts' is a sole business venture that offers a range of combined commercial  and academic services to the contemporary fine arts and creative industries. Academic services include; mentoring and tutoring, development of artistic learning pathways, supplemental student support, essay writing and proof reading, external examination reports, arts reviews and arts consultation. Commercial services include; graphic design, book-covers, posters, logo designs and letter-heads, digital art and post-photography, digital sampling, live event photography, web design, fashion and glamour photography.

One of the questions that I am often asked by students, is 'what is the difference between commercial art and contemporary/fine art?' Although the dividing line between the two is often blurred, there is a distinct difference. When an artist is contracted or commissioned to produce an artwork for commercial purposes, the artist conceives and creates the artwork (usually to a deadline) specifically for a client's promotional, professional and communicational needs. Conversely, most contemporary art or fine art resonates at a deeper cultural level, and is essentially recognised as an individual's philosophical, intellectual, historical, social or political response to the world. Of course both types of artwork can be sold and marketed, but their receptive roles in contemporary culture are quite different. One of the main aims of rosewellARTS, is to assist students in developing skills and transferable knowledge's that will enable them to achieve both commercial and individual success as an artist.

Proprietor Colin Rosewell has a PhD in the Fine Arts/Philosophy from The University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia, and over ten years experience in mentoring, tutoring and lecturing at tertiary level. He currently provides academic services to The University of Newcastle NSW, Deakin University in Melbourne, Avondale College NSW, and the Hunter Institute of TAFE. He regularly exhibits his artworks in Newcastle, and on The Central Coast and in Sydney.

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Academic Services

Supplemental student support and mentoring

One of the main concerns facing students engaged in tertiary education is the ever increasing problems associated with large class numbers and limited resources. Many students often complain about lack of teacher/lecturer interaction, limited or no critical feedback, reduced one-on-one tuition and studio-based demonstration, and increased online modes of delivery. As a result, more and more students are now seeking outside mentoring and tutoring services to assist them with their tertiary studies. 'rosewellARTS' provides supplemental support across a range of artistic disciplines for students and non-students at affordable rates. 

Tutoring for Indigenous students (ITAS)

If you are a current Indigenous student or a Torres Strait Islander seeking mentoring and tutoring services, you can apply for assistance through the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS).This is a goverment funded service that offers both distance and localised support for Indigenous students enrolled in tertiary education. Colin Rosewell has provided ITAS mentoring and tutoring support for over ten years at Deakin University in Melbourne and The University of Newcastle. If you are a current Indigenous student seeking mentoring and tutoring services you should contact your course coordinator for more information in regard to contacting potential tutors.

Artistic pathway development

Choosing a career path in the arts can be perplexing for many people. What course or degree should I choose? What are the differences between studying at TAFE or University? How can I use my degree once I've graduated? What does it mean to be an artist? What is art? These are just some of the questions that many students continue to ask me in regard to pursuing a career in the arts. I am also continually surprised by the amount of people who still picture 'an artist' as being a person sitting alone in a studio painting, drawing or sculpting. Although such artists still do exist, the word 'artist' is now applicable to a whole range of activities and professional occupations both within and outside the 'creative industries'. Artistic pathway development concerns itself primarily with providing students and artists with specific information and assistance relevant to individual artistic aspiration and goals. If you are a person wishing to become a professional artist, or considering entry into tertiary education 'rosewellArts' can provide consultation in helping you find the most appropriate course or degree relevant to your artistic aspirations and goals.

Commercial Art, Graphic Design and Digital Imaging Services

Digital art and Photoshop tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is widely recognised as representing the world standard in photo-editing and image manipulation. Once a photograph has been imported into Photoshop the possibilities become endless and are limited only by a person's technical capabilities and imagination. For most people however, the Photoshop desktop amounts to nothing more than a bewildering array of icons, tools and windows that confuse and frustrate. '
rosewellArts' provides a range of digital imaging and post-photographic services that includes; digital enhancement and colour correction, retouching, restoration of old photographs, and high-end custom-made composite artworks. 'rosewellArts' also provides tutorials in Photoshop for beginners and also for persons wishing to advance upon existing skills.

Graphic design

rosewellArts' prides itself on delivering intelligent graphic design solutions that are both visually powerful, thought provoking and memorable. If you are looking for an eye catching image or professional concept design to promote your business or website, 'rosewellARTS' can produce high quality images and concept designs at affordable rates. All artworks are produced exclusively to customer requirements and finalised to meet deadlines.

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Music CD, DVD, posters, T-Shirt art and book covers

Unlike many graphic design providers, at
rosewellArts we take time to research your profession and competition before beginning your project. All decisions regarding aesthetic functionality and branding are carefully considered and are of the highest importance to us. As a valued customer, your feedback throughout the project is as equally important, and considered integral to the creative process.

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Logo designs, business cards, art exhibition flyers and letter-heads

Choosing a readymade logo, flyer or business card from an online archive is never quite the same as a custom design. As with all our products, we work with you until you are happy with your artwork. Each of our quality designs comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranty, with all artwork supplied in a variety of formats to suit your promotional needs.

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Live event photography

Having a visual documentation of a live event and performance is important. Not only does it allow us to remember and recall events more vividly, but provides a valuable archival resource for the production of a whole range of commercial art and memorabilia that can be used for future advertising purposes. Our photographers take care to capture your event as faithfully as possible without being disruptive or intrusive to performance or event. If you are a local band, a performance artist, or somebody that requires  documentation of a live cultural event, 'rosewellArts' can provide photographic services to suit your individual needs. Photographs and artworks are provided in a range of formats and can be used for a range of commercial and promotional purposes.

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Specialised photography

rosewellArts' takes pride in adopting an innovative and expanded approach to the whole photographic process. Whether it be glamour or fashion photography, portrait photography or location based, we can develop a look and style that is both exciting and challenging. Often drawing upon contemporary themes and concepts for inspiration, our photographers are practicing fine artists in their own right, and regard every project as a unique challenge in itself. Often using a variety of costumes, set pieces and props, we strive to capture that perfect photograph that you always wanted.

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